Before you assume you'll not be going through the Great Tribulation, or that you will be on earth 1000 years after Christ returns... read this book!

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What do you know about the Second Coming? Does your theology spur you on to good works, evangelism, and holy living? Or are you possibly waiting to be snatched away in a secret rapture of the Church?
Ken and Agnes Macdonald, formerly schooled in the secret rapture teaching, share why they now believe that doctrine is unbiblical and dangerously escapist. Their years of personal Bible study also shed startling insight on the following questions:
* What will happen to nominal believers who miss the rapture of the Bride of Christ?
* Will anyone have a chance to be saved after the Church is gathered?
* Is the battle of Armageddon the same as the battle of Gog and Magog?
* What hinders the man of sin from being revealed?
* Will there be a literal millennium?
Ken and Agnes Macdonald served in pastoral ministry in the United States for fifteen years before receiving a call to go into all the world. Their missionary evangelism ministry has taken them to six continents.